How do I get my sign panels to your location?

We offer a pick-up service for a nominal fee, Let us know the address where they are located and we will come to you! Alternatively, you can drop them off at 7 Greenwood Place Pikesville, MD. Please let us know when you plan to drop them off.

How quickly will my order be fulfilled?

Within 48 hours of receiving your order, the order will be fulfilled.

How can I assure that the post/sign has been installed at the property

Once your post/sign is installed, you will receive a photo for your records. Additionally, your account will show all orders placed, with the photos for your reference

Can I get my post painted to match my panels?

Yes! This is an option on your order form. Just let us know what color you would like upon ordering. *Note- all posts are freshly painted white before each install.

How many panels do I need to supply in order for Signs 2 Sales

As few or as many as you like. Signs 2 Sales does not have a minimum for you to take advantage of our storage and installation of your panels. Sign storage is free of charge!

Can Signs 2 Sales put up riders?

Yes, we have two options: At time of installation or when there is a change in status.

Will Signs 2 Sales put on and take off a lockbox?
  • Yes! You can rent our lockboxes for $15. We will install the lockbox at time of post installation and remove the lockbox when the post is removed.
What other services do Signs 2 Sales offer?

Installation of brochure boxes, sign riders (i.e., “Coming Soon”), and Open House directionals, along with custom painted sign posts.  If there is any other service you would like, please let us know! 

Will You Store My Sign Panels?

Yes! Signs2Sales will store your sign panels and open house signs and riders!


Jon C

“It’s so nice to work with a company you can trust to get the job done. Ordering an install/removal is easy and takes very little time. I really appreciate the Account feature where I can see all of my orders.”

Terri B

“The smoothest process of any I’ve used in the past. The website is easy to navigate and I love the photo of the sign installation”

Luke P

“I love all of the additional services they provide, makes it so easy to use therm”.

Brandon K

“Signs 2 Sales was so easy to use. They offer services that have saved me time and money!”